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Quinn is Betty, Rachel is Kate. Greta garbo lesbian. Proudly took Betty under her arm and led her through the gossiping co-workers, such an awesome gesture. Bomb girls lesbian scene. This is Betty, the embodiment of all that is good and plucky in this world, and our Very Own Canadian Lesbian.

Also when Betty and Gladys are walking arm and arm Gladys looks straight at the people who were gossiping about Betty, so she was aware of what they were doing. Or at least they did during the war. The stories are quite compelling and the acting top notch. The way they can shuffle the deck with a new episode and find new pairings not necessarily ships! Just two seasons leaves you wanting more. Hey maybe these two will be the next Vera and Marco. And it has nothing to do with my love for eggs, I swear.

More you may like. Selena star tits. Third and most important point, why the fuck is Betty so adamant in getting Kate back? It should be a ring-tone. I learned that sometimes cigarettes are good for you???

Gladys is unsettled after being dismissed by Clifford who informs her that her intelligence has led to ensnaring Marco, a man she believes is decent, albeit misguided. Kate Andrews, also a newcomer, has begun working at the factory after running away from her abusive father; she is reluctantly taken under the wing of Betty McRae, the factory's best worker.

Such a creative idea for a show, and the acting is very good, the script is great!! And she knows it. I didn't want it to end so soon. It went far, far beyond. I live in Hamilton, a city near Toronto where they did some of the filming for Bomb Girls. Retrieved 29 January What happens to Betty?? I learned that one of the treatments for neurological damage in soldiers was an induced coma seriously, Gene should have six of those, immediately.

Hoping we see more character development from her next season. The person who started to suddenly stopped at episode 3! In the first scene, Kate, lovely and doe-eyed, is singing hymns to oblivious sinners on a street corner, when a cartoonish blonde scampers up and starts kissing soldiers like a defective machine gun, spitting bullets at random.

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I kinda got that vibe when she commented on Betty "hip" friend. She approves of Betty, viewing her as a model employee.

Betty and Kate are wonderfully heartbreaking and deserve a real chance at having their journey play out. Any girl want to fuck. She's all about boys". Bomb girls lesbian scene. In the first scene, Kate, lovely and doe-eyed, is singing hymns to oblivious sinners on a street corner, when a cartoonish blonde scampers up and starts kissing soldiers like a defective machine gun, spitting bullets at random.

So is anything like that up with you? The only thing I would disagree with you about is spy guy. Ali is hilarious and especially with Jodi. Back at the factory, Snaky Akins is trying to get folks excited about the War Bonds drive.

Because Lorna, knowing full well how absurd it is to try to make eggs right after learning your fiance has been killed, immediately starts showing Gladys how to whisk the eggs correctly. Their characters matter to them. She could do anything! Also, you said you were curious about how they got such historically accurate props, etc?

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Every single one of them, and more than anything that makes them human and relatable. Lesbian amateur tumblr. Betty is initially hostile towards Gladys because of Gladys' wealth and naivety, accusing her of "slumming.

It is here we first meet Betty, the patron saint of high-waisted trousers, striding into our hearts forever with a cigarette and a scowl. Because sure, maybe two people can bond over not-really-killing a man. Yes, she's extremely sheltered and her leaving home and changing her name was the beginning of her road to discovery and that's her character arc. TV Feeds My Family.

Kate seemed like she was open to new things and basically had completely rejected her fundamentalist upbringing. Naturally we believe pretty strongly that any and all Rophites should go similarly nuts forthwith. I love to find these errors!! With the terror of it. However, she finds herself still at odds with them, wanting to do more to help the war effort. British girl gets fucked. So many missed opportunities. She is on friendly terms with Betty until Betty advises her to transfer to Red Shift after it is revealed that Hazel had an affair with Gladys' fiance James.

Nothing about Kate led me to believe she was leading Betty on. Because I loathe AE. After plans to spend Valentine's Day with Gladys fall through, Vera ends up spending the evening with a dashing soldier. But even so, she is so devoted to Kate, in ways that would make a grown man swoon.

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